Sunday, May 1, 2011

Growth in one week

Considering the amount of rain and the lack of sunshine we received in one week, I'm amazed at just how much everything has grown...

The rhododendrons are truly starting to bloom:

My red maple is really making progress:

Even the ferns are unfurling slowly:

After spending Easter weekend at Mom's and seeing her rhubarb has begun to sprout, I found myself wondering about mine!  Surely if hers has begun to make itself known, mine must be even bigger (we are, after all, a little more south than she is!)  How could I not have even seen it!  Granted, I got carried away with the front garden I forgot to check the backyard... still, my kitchen window does face it.  I just didn't notice it!  I now have all sorts of recipes floating around my head just waiting for said rhubarb to be big enough!  Hurry up, already!

I now find myself on this beautiful Sunday afternoon wanting to plan my official garden.  Hubby is adding new earth to all our various planters and gardens and, once the rains that we are expected to receive all next week have passed, out come the grasses that suffocate me to make even more room for edible plants.

For the first time in my life, I actually want to plan, prepare, organise my garden and actually get things like onions and peas and other cold hardy plant in the garden BEFORE all the other stuff that usually goes in come Victoria Day week-end.  And THIS time, we ARE going to Marché Jean-Talon as well as our local garden centres to find the best plants to plant.

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  1. Great stuff Dale! Your planning inspires me to give it a go myself!! :) rO